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The cleanliness of your pool is imperative. Pool cleaning has benefits that are aesthetic and practical. Basically, if your pool looks good, it feels good and that’s exceptionally essential. Our Las Vegas pool cleaning service is available for customers with a plethora of different needs. Whether you need a regularly scheduled service, or simply want an annual overhaul, our experts at Las Vegas Pool Repair can accommodate your requests. We understand that pool maintenance can get expensive, especially if you’re looking for regular cleaning. Vegas Pool Repair works hard to keep our prices affordable for customers. We may not have the cheapest rates, but we have the most practical rates for our level of unparalleled service. A clean pool is a necessity if you want to prevent yourself from getting ill or your pool from getting run over by algae and other avoidable bacteria. 


We structure our pool cleaning services around comprehensive cleaning practices. In short, no portion of your pool will go untouched or unaccounted for. In order for a pool to be operating at its highest frequency, cleanliness goes a long way in every aspect. We offer a large selection of services depending on the specific needs of our clients. However, here’s a breakdown of some of our most popular offerings designed to keep your pool in mint condition year-round: 

Acid Washing: Acid washing might sound a bit intimidating, but it’s a full-throttle service that gives you tangible results. Acid washing destroys long-term buildup, making it a perfect service for those who have lapsed in their care. Acid washing is particularly advantageous for Las Vegas pool cleaning procedure as it helps abolish any debris or unwanted markings. This invasive type of wash is powerful and effective without being overly hard on your pool’s surfaces. 

Pool Tile Cleaning: Unsurprisingly, pool tile cleaning often gets skipped over. Fair enough, as pool tile isn’t necessarily the first thing that comes to mind when you think about cleaning. A well-maintained pool tile is crucial for sustaining durability. Our pool tile cleaning restores your foundational tile, extending its life and making it look immaculate in the process. A good tile cleaning is the single most effective way to ensure the longevity and vibrancy of your tiles. These optimized pool cleaning services keep your Las Vegas swimming pool looking pristine all year long. Our team makes the process affordable and simple by providing this quick service that can easily be done within a few hours. 

Basic Cleaning: For all the seemingly inconsequential things that add up, Vegas Pool Repair offers basic cleaning services. Our pool services in Las Vegas are offered year-round to ensure your pool is always open for business. We scoop out leftover debris, clean filters, clean cartridges, and gauge the status of your chemicals. When you combine these simple tasks, you create a consistently spotless pool environment. 

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Vegas Pool Repair offers an on-demand cleaning service when you need it and on your schedule. Location is no issue for our pool technicians, as we consistently work hard to provide service all across the metro area. We strongly value punctuality and understand that time is of the essence. We follow a very tight schedule which enables us to fit in all of our customers, all while providing them with outstanding workmanship. As a locally owned and operated business we provide pool cleaning service Las Vegas NV locals know and trust.