Pool Service North Las Vegas


Vegas Pool Repair is proud to announce our expansion to North Las Vegas, providing customers in North LV with the exact same exemplary services that solidified our reputation for excellence across the valley. Our full catalog is available to those who need service quickly. We offer the following (and more):

Expeditious Pool Repair: Let’s face it, there’s never an ideal time to have your pool malfunction. Fortunately, most of our repairs can be completed on the same day. Once we get to your location, it’s relatively easy to identify your issue and solve it accordingly. Ironically, for many repair jobs, the longest part of the process is simply driving to get to the location. However, we will never require any payments or reimbursements for time spent driving to your property. 

At Vegas Pool Repair we pride ourselves on customizing our service offerings to fit your unique needs. No pool is one size fits all, in turn, there’s no universal solution. We take the time to analyze your problems and provide a solution that makes the most sense. Vegas Pool Repair is not indebted to any one manufacturer or supplier, meaning we take the time to properly vet our products and find the solution for you. 

We’ve seen everything there is to see when it comes to swimming pools and the issues they encounter. We tackle all kinds of issues ranging from comprehensive pump repair to circulation systems overhauls and heating. Our ultimate goal is to restore your pool to peak functionality. Even the most expensive systems and products aren’t infallible and, over time, they will require service or overhauls. Vegas Pool Repair is here to give you exemplary repairs that will seriously prolong the lifespan of your products. For comprehensive, same-day pool repair North Las Vegas residents choose us. 


Routine Maintenance: There’s no evading the truth, pools require maintenance. Regardless of size, structure, and material, if you want to get the most out of your pool, you’re going to want routine maintenance. While it’s true you can do it yourself, maintenance is going to cost you money regardless. With that in mind, you might as well hire the professionals at Vegas Pool Repair who can offer affordable routine maintenance that never cuts corners. We make it incredibly convenient for our customers thanks to our organized scheduling and thorough routine checkups. If you’re only looking for a one-time cleaning procedure, we offer competitive rates on one-time cleaning services. We’ll never try and upsell you on services, or corner you into a plan that doesn’t suit your needs. We remain principled in our pursuit and show true respect for our customers. 

Cleanup: Swimming pool service in North Las Vegas has never been more convenient. Sometimes, all you’re looking for is a reasonably priced deep clean. Our customers can choose from a wide variety of different procedures that vary in intensity and price. Nevertheless, we have the option for you whether you’re seeking a deep clean, or a regular touchup. Vegas Pool Repair technicians are certified to work on swimming pools regardless of finish, size, and complexity. For quotes on pool service in North Las Vegas, we’re standing by to give you straightforward information.

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