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As home to some of the country’s hottest temperatures, it comes as no surprise that Las Vegas is abundant with swimming pools. Indeed, you’re likely not going to make it through a Vegas summer without a well-regulated pool or a serious air conditioning setup. Pools are the perfect antidote to the oppressive heat and offer respite to those in the city of sin. In fact, one of the unforeseen advantages of living in Las Vegas is year-round pool accessibility. However, pools in the desert often require local specialized knowledge to keep them functioning optimally. If your pool is open all year long, over time, it’s bound to experience issues. At Vegas Pool Repair, we keep you up and running in winter, spring, summer, or fall. For years we have provided the LV metro area with reliable maintenance and expeditious repair service. We offer affordable repair and pool service Las Vegas locals know and trust for results. 

Why should you choose our team for your pool repair? For starters, Vegas Pool Repair is equipped to handle any issue regardless of size and complexity. Quite often, issues with your pool seem easy to fix. Just ask anyone who has spent an entire afternoon purchasing pounds of chemicals and replacement parts, convinced all their pool needed was a small repair. Many of our clients have humored us with tales of failed do-it-yourself attempts. Moreover, without the necessary experience, your problems can rapidly multiply. Like anything else, pools tend to work better when they’re routinely checked for issues. Water-related issues in particular are often unforgiving and can be dangerous to your health if they’re not dealt with appropriately. Our team of reputable technicians can efficiently diagnose issues and restore your pool health rapidly. If you find yourself the proud owner of a pool, let us maintain its longevity and health with our premier Las Vegas pool service.

Prospective customers often come to us with a myriad of questions. Especially if they are first-time pool owners looking for expert advice on how best to maintain their new addition. Our Vegas pool repair team has seen it all from installations to repairs and everything in between. Suffice to say if you’re having an issue with your pool, we have the solutions you need. Pool ownership can definitely spark a lot of questions regarding care. A seemingly small issue with your pool can render it unusable. It can therefore be particularly jarring to find that a component of your pool is suddenly no longer functioning. If you need reliable on-demand pool maintenance in Las Vegas, we’re the team for the job.  


Envision the following; It’s mid-July and you’ve spent the better part of the day running around the city and completing errands. After a long day of competing with the desert heat, you’re ready to slip into your pool. What happens next when you find that the pool has suddenly gone out of commission? There’s hardly anything more frustrating than being poised with a problem that can’t immediately be fixed. Time is of the essence, especially when it comes to issues of comfort. 

Luckily, we at Vegas Pool repair can provide you with certified emergency pool service at a moment’s notice. Why should you invest in our emergency services? For starters, you can face some pretty unpleasant issues when you don’t get your pool fixed promptly. The same can be said when you avoid pool maintenance all together. Let’s briefly talk about why emergency services for your Las Vegas pool are imperative, and what can happen if you ignore regular maintenance and repair issues.

Poor Water Quality: With the amount of money people invest into pool chemicals, seeing a color that looks anything other than blue can get the alarm bells ringing. Swimming pools are a fantastic addition to your home, but you should never underestimate the importance of proper cleaning protocol. We offer affordable pool cleaning Las Vegas residents can utilize instantly when they call us today. In other words, we offer affordable pool cleaning that keeps unwanted scum and discoloration out of your water. 

Admittedly, a week or two of missed cleaning won’t necessarily turn your pool into a full-fledged swamp. However, once you get into the three-week- or month-long stretch, you’re probably going to find major issues begining to manifest. Remember that water is an incubator for algae and the like. While a bit of algae hardly seems like a cause for alarm,  a small number of algae can quickly evolve into a bacterial breeding ground. Subsequently, this toxic sludge can infiltrate the mechanisms of your pool. Suddenly, you’re looking at pool repairs that encompass far more than a routine water draining. It’s also important to bear in mind that deadly bacteria like E. Coli can quickly fester in water that’s been neglected. Our emergency pool service is perfect for those who need repairs immediately. If it’s turning green get our Vegas pool repair team there to clean. 

Avoid Costly Pool Maintenance Las Vegas: If you regularly take care of your pool and invest in its care, you have a much better chance of avoiding major pool issues. A regular pool cleaning and checkup can mean the difference between an affordable invoice and one that is astronomical. Improper pool maintenance can pose health issues, cause damage to the pool liner, and can damage other important machinery that keeps your pool running. Think of your pool as its very own ecosystem where necessary chemicals and routine checkups on PH, alkalinity, and chlorine help maintain homeostasis. Pools require consistent maintenance to avoid more costly repairs. Pool owners often forget about the smaller things such as fiberglass delamination and component degradation. As a result, we service fiberglass pools in Las Vegas that have accrued damage due to any number of reasons. The best way to avoid costly payouts for repairs is to keep up to date on your pool’s routine maintenance.

Telltale Signs Of Problems: You don’t have to be a Las Vegas pool service expert to start checking for the small indicators that something has gone awry. In fact, if you can learn how to identify potential problems before they expand, you can prevent more serious issues from occurring. If you oversee your pool’s regular maintenance yourself, you should call on an expert when you encounter the following: 

Frigid water. Even in Las Vegas, you don’t want your water to be uncontrollably cold. If your pool’s temperature is unable to be regulated, there’s a good chance your heating equipment has died or is struggling to keep up. It’s paramount that you regularly check and confirm the efficiency of your pool’s circulation and heating systems. 

Corrosion & Other Failures: Another issue pool owners should be mindful of is corrosion. Is your drain missing, obstructed, or corroded? Is your fence latching properly to prevent breaches by small children and/or pets? Do small cracks around the pool’s perimeter need caulking? The more in tune you are with your pool’s regular baseline of function, the better able you are to identify when it’s time to call in the professionals.

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Sometimes a costly pool repair is no fault of your own. Like any household system, damages and problems can occur with little to no provocation on your end. What’s important to remember about pools is that they are costly investments. Swimming pools make wonderful additions to homes but require a lot of upkeep to run smoothly. Furthermore, pools are composed of various parts and all of these parts need to be working together harmoniously. If any component of your pool is not running smoothly with the others, you might be tasked with rectifying major repairs in the future. 

Why leave your Las Vegas pool repairs up to chance? Our competent team members are here to address any issues you have in a timely and affordable manner. If you’re having issues with your pool, get a professional in there immediately to identify the source. Why should you choose Vegas Pool Repair for your pool care? First off, our technicians have successfully completed countless repair and maintenance jobs throughout the Las Vegas metropolitan area. Whether it is routine pool service North Las Vegas residents require or a fiberglass setup in Henderson, our technicians travel efficiently from one end of the valley to the next. We won’t ever charge you for time spent in transit, and we keep our labor fees exceptionally low. Pool repair and maintenance are expensive enough. Don’t gamble with a pool company that wants to upcharge you and present you with wishy-washy monetary policies. With Vegas Pool Repair what you see is what you get, and we offer a service that is straightforward and transparent every step of the way. 


In a general sense, we can repair any issue currently ailing your pool. However, we find our most common issues are related to pump failures, heating issues, and circulation problems. Pool pumps in particular can be challenging, especially those that haven’t been replaced in a considerable amount of time. What exactly is a pool pump, and what happens when it needs repair? Frankly, without a functioning pool pump, you’re likely to encounter a lot of other hardships in a short amount of time. 

Pool Pump 101: The pump is the epicenter of your swimming pool’s circulation system. In essence, it circulates the water and promotes movement that is critical to preventing stagnation. Granted, identifying a pump failure isn’t extraordinarily hard to do. However, there are various reasons why a pump might stop working. Depending on the severity of the issue, your pump might be able to be fixed quickly and with little hassle, or you might need a new pump entirely.  When dealing with pool pump repair Las Vegas homeowners should be particularly alert to potential problems, considering systems in sin city are often up and running all year long. 

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You can usually identify a pump issue merely by listening. Naturally, any functioning system is bound to make noise. Nevertheless, if you experience sounds of a loud running motor, a seizing motor, or any sort of suction or pressure issues, you should immediately call for service. If your pump is failing to start, you likely have a significant issue on your hands.

Quick Diagnostics: As a regular pool user, you’ll be able to tell when the pump has gone amiss. If you can’t hear the pump disengage, you’ll certainly be plagued with visual cues. Understandably, your first instinct might be to go and pick out a replacement part immediately. However, we encourage our customers to wait until we’ve had a chance to fully assess the issue. Vegas Pool Repair is not beholden to any specific brand of pump, and we can help determine the best replacement for you based on your pool’s features. Our individualized pool service in Henderson, NV and beyond considers the needs of your specific pool. A pump that works for your neighbor’s pool might not work for yours. Spending money on a pump only to realize it’s not optimized for your pool is only slightly less aggravating than having the pump go out to begin with. Leave it to our qualified team to address the issue and promptly solve it.

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In the same vein as pump repairs, heater malfunctions are a common issue that plague pools. In the Nevada heat, it might seem counterintuitive to install a  pool heater. At the same time, pool heaters are often beneficial and usually quite affordable. 

Pool Heater Benefits: While Las Vegas is not a place people usually associate with the cold, there are definitely occasions where a pool heater proves to be a worthwhile investment. Pool heaters allow for optimized comfort and ensure you stay up and running any time of year. Additionally, warm water has been proven to increase circulation and ease tight muscles. 

Furthermore, if you ever intend to sell your home, having a heater can also help increase your pool’s overall value. Most people would assume that pools add value to homes. Ironically, pools can drive the resale value of your home both up and down. When you consider the fact that pools require a lot of routine maintenance, it comes as no surprise that certain buyers would view them as far more of a burden. Regardless, our pool heater repair in Las Vegas helps you maintain a well-regulated environment. 


At Vegas Pool Repair, we proudly provide customers with fiberglass pool installation and repairs. When undergoing the pool installation process. you’ll encounter several different options for installations. In fairness, every type of pool has its own set of pros and cons. However, we typically encourage our clients to consider fiberglass for the following reasons. Firstly, fiberglass is easily malleable and customizable. With other prototypes, you’ll have less freedom with what you can do. Fiberglass is typically a lot quicker to install than its vinyl and concrete counterparts. In fact, our expert technicians can generally install fiberglass in a matter of days. Secondly, we recommend fiberglass pools in Las Vegas because they are durable and low maintenance. If you’re going to live in a place where your pool can theoretically be used all year round, it’s a good idea to find a pool that won’t run you a massive maintenance bill. Fiberglass is durable and can withstand changes in temperature with little to no issue. Fiberglass pools are also a great solution for those who want to invest less time and money into upkeep. While you’ll always need to be proactive about pool maintenance, fiberglass isn’t as susceptible to bacterial growth. 

Vegas Pool Repair offers affordable and customizable fiberglass pool options that are tailored towards your specific needs. If you find yourself longing for a pool, but aren’t sure about where to start, our specialists will guide you through the process and help you determine the most sensible course of action. Our Las Vegas pool service is committed to providing you with exemplary service that won’t leave you drowning in excessive fees. 


Above all else, Vegas Pool Repair is dedicated to providing customers with affordable, reliable, and comprehensive service. We work on a variety of different pools from the luxurious and grandiose to the small and compact. Our technicians are licensed and insured, guaranteeing you receive nothing short of verifiable quality every single time. We travel all across the metropolitan area in a timely and dependable manner. In particular, our emergency services ensure your problem gets solved as soon as possible. If you’ve awoken to find your pool in a state of disarray, our team members are standing by to repair it swiftly. We work with all kinds of pools with varying types of equipment, ergo, there’s not a single problem our specialists haven’t encountered before. Whether you need pool service in North Las Vegas or a pump repair downtown, we’re the team for the job. Don’t take a gamble on your pool and its health, for a winning hand in repair and maintenance call Vegas Pool Repair today!  Looking for a reputable fencing company in Florida?  Check out our trusted partners in Florida for other home repair needs at Fence Company Miami and Stucco Repair Tampa.  We also recommend Chandler Roofing for all your Arizona roof repair needs.